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New Year, New Goals

I know it has been awhile since I last posted. I had planned to get to this sooner but this winter has been extremely rough on me. With no real end to the cold weather in sight, I decided after the holidays that I was in need of a game plan for 2019. So, I went out and bought a planner and mapped out a month by month checklist of goals that I am going to accomplish to make this year a Year of Creativity.

For January, I took on a contract to create a logo for a team at Blizzard. If you've been on my site, you've already seen the finished product. It will be printed in the next couple weeks! I am excited to hear the reactions from the team, as it was a surprise commission from one of their managers. Alongside this project, I have been adding to my writing portfolio on AO3. I've already added 3 new works and will be posting a 4th tonight.

Next month, February, I have set a goal to create and post one art piece per week. While I'm working on this, I will also be writing in the free time in-between works. When I'm not working on either of these endeavors, I will be educating myself on how to use some of the programs I own and am not fluent in, such as Adobe Illustrator. Then, the next month, I will take this knowledge and create works in this program instead.

Each month I'll be posting updates to let you know what to expect. Later on in the year I'll be working on my Pain Project once again. I'll be promoting that survey for those who are interested in participating. I'm ready for this year to be all about growth in my skills and I cannot wait to see how I've improved by the end of the year.

Stay tuned!



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