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The Beginning

After years of putting this off, I have finally created my own website! With so much that seems to be changing and moving in my life, I needed to reconnect to my art in a major way. There was a log time when I felt that I had lost my passion and I can honestly say that, through this process, I've found my spark once more.

With the possibility of another surgery, I felt the need to put my art back into my life. There was a long time when I felt like my health took that from me. I wasn't able to sit for hours at a time like I did prior to my surgeries. I felt lost as well as resentful. After awhile, I realized nothing was taken from me; I had given my joy away.

This time around will be different. Instead, I want my art to be the source of my release like it used to be. This is one of the reasons I chose the quote I did for my website: “Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.”- Stella Adler. Love used to lead my life and, for a time, I lost that. I have found that once more, in more ways than one.

Prepare to see a ton of updates from me!


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